The Life Extension Protocol

Reverse your biological age with our unique and groundbreaking scientific longevity protocols designed by the American Medical Wellness medicinal science team. For ages, humanity has been looking for a solution to extend life expectancy.

Here at American Medical Wellness, we treat aging as a disease. It is the number one risk factor for almost all human diseases and deaths in the world today.

Medicinal breakthroughs in the anti-aging field have provided avenues to slow aging by measuring the aging process with our most advanced epigenetic testing and other biological markers available.

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The Life Extension Protocol

Life Extension Protocols To Reverse Aging Factors!

How Does Life Extension Protocol Work?

How Does Life Extension Protocol Work?

Science and medicine have discovered tools like epigenetic mechanisms and gene expression to allow for the treatment of aging through peptides and other medicinal treatments and protocols.

Here at American Medical Wellness, we developed proprietary longevity protocols that may allow our patients to extend their life expectancy. Proactive patients may be able to live better and healthier life following our unique treatment plans and guidance.

Our longevity program protocols are customized to patients’ individual needs and medical history.

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Types of Life Extension Protocol Treatments

Our protocols may include the combination of the following elements but are not limited to them.

Rapamycin / Sirolimus – All the latest research and evidence shows that rapamycin is the ultimate anti-aging drug to slow down aging. Rapamycin may extend life span through a mechanism called mTOR, which regulates cell proliferation, autophagy, and apoptosis.

Longevity Peptides – Peptides are amino-acid sequences that perform functions that modulate receptors and perform specific functions in the body. The ability to manipulate gene expression and cellular activity may help diminish disease states and improve life expectancy.

Hormone Optimization – Science and medicine have proven that optimizing and maintaining hormonal balance extends life expectancy and improves the quality of life.

Stem Cell Therapy – The utilization of exosomes and mesenchymal stem cells is a promising potential solution for reversing the biological aging process. These unique cells have the ability to regenerate damaged tissues and build new cells to improve overall cellular function, which may help age-related issues.

Epigenetic testing – (Epi-Genetics – Factors Beyond the Genetic Code) – Here, we can measure aging biomarkers to determine an individual’s biological age. Once this is determined, we can utilize wellness and lifestyle interventions to slow the aging process through diet, sleep quality, exercise type and quantity, supplementation, stress management, and medicinal wellness support.

Nutritional Support And Proprietary Nutritional Guidelines – A key component to improving the quality of life is nutritional consumption. With this understanding, we provide general guidelines for all to follow to improve the patient’s quality of life.

Environmental and Food Sensitivity Testing – Our environmental & food allergy test measures total IgE antibodies for a vast array of environment & food sources. The test will evaluate 295 allergens using nano-bead technology on 1mL of serum. Results will assist our practitioners in curating diet and lifestyle guidance for our patients to reduce adverse allergic reactions.

3D Body Composition Scanner – Body scanning is a great tool for a comprehensive look into your body. It can help you determine where you’re holding excess fat, and muscle and how much weight you need to lose to be healthy. It will also show the areas most prone to injuries and a measurement tool of your progress under our medical protocols.

Experience Life Extension Protocols Today!

Experience Life Extension Protocols Today!

The time to regain control of your health and wellness starts today with The Life Extension Protocols from American Medical Wellness! Each medicinal treatment is optimized with your health in mind. We have many options to address aging factors like low energy, weight management, wrinkles, and more!

The medical professionals at American Medical Wellness use science and research to better your health and quality of life. Get in touch with us today to experience a new beginning in life.


We provide you with the tools you need to boost energy, increase mental clarity, and improve sexual and overall health.

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What Our Client’s Say

Amelia W.
I had the best consultation at American Medical Wellness Clinic in Vegas! Made me feel a little better about myself. The weight of growing older is heavy on my mind, but thankfully there are answers to help with this issue.

Olivia W.
I went to American Medical Wellness Clinic looking for help to cope with my symptoms from menopause. I had been dealing with hot flashes and was scared to start any type of medication because of all the side effects I have seen others experience...

Emma B.
I have first introduced to hormone optimization and peptides therapy about a year and a half ago. I won’t go into detail about why I decided to try it because it’s personal, but suffice to say that I had some hurdles that were preventing me from reaching my athletic...

Charlotte J.
I’m glad that I went here, It was a life saver for me. I had tried out a bunch weight loss programs, but they just didn’t work for me. None of them had what I needed, truly amazed by the help I received from the staff of American Wellness Clinic.

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