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American Medical Wellness is a clinic based in Las Vegas. We provide services for adults wanting to get their life back from limiting medical conditions. As someone gets older, their biology changes as well. However, we provide regenerative medicines to address those issues.

Sexual wellness, facial rejuvenation, injury recovery, and complete body aging management are all treatments provided by American Medical Wellness. The experts at American Medical Wellness only believe in practicing all-natural and safe treatments.

Our medical experts at American Medical Wellness are highly knowledgeable in regenerative medicines. Hair loss PRP Therapy, Vampire Breast Lifts, and Vampire Facials are some of our many treatments.



Our Wellness Clinic Treatments

The Doctors at American Medical Wellness Clinic are specialists in PRP therapy. However, what is PRP Therapy? PRP Therapy stands for Platelet-Rich Plasma Therapy. It works by extracting plasma from your blood and injecting it into an area of the body. By adding this rich plasma, it rejuvenates cells to restore themselves. This will help anyone wanting to increase sexual function, grow their hair, and look younger.

The best part about PRP Therapy is that it’s an all-natural option for your body. The blood extracted and injected into your body is your blood. This means, your body will readily accept the platelet-rich plasma therapy injection. This will make the recovery process faster, so it delivers results!

Success Stories From American Medical Wellness Clinic

See our successful before and after results from real people getting a procedure done by American Medical Wellness. A medical expert performs each treatment to ensure the safest and best results.

One patient came to American Medical Wellness for the Vampire Facial PRP treatment. It works by extracting plasma and injecting it into some regions of the face. The plasma used came from the patient’s blood. This procedure was painless for the patient. By adding this platelet-rich plasma to some regions of the face then, it reactivated dead cells. Once these cells were rejuvenated, then she looked and felt younger!

The good thing about Vampire Facial PRP is that it’s an all-natural procedure. Your body will recognize your blood cells, so results are noticeable!

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