Menopause Specialist in Las Vegas

Our Menopause Specialists in Las Vegas play a significant role in the health and well-being of women. When women enter menopause, they can experience many exciting changes, especially in their long-term health. Menopause is when natural hormone production within the body begins to decline. This transition relies on several factors: diet, stress, exercise, and lifestyle choices.

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Menopause Specialist Las Vegas

Menopause is when natural female hormone production within the body begins to decline.

What is Menopause?

Menopause is defined as the permanent cessation of menstrual periods. It usually occurs between the ages of 45 and 55, marking the end of a woman’s reproductive years. The average age for menopause to take place is 51.

During perimenopause, which may last up to 10 years, fluctuating hormone levels can produce such symptoms as irregular menstruation, mood swings, hot flashes, and night sweats.

Symptoms tend to be milder during the first few years after menopause, although they may increase in severity over time.

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The Menopause Process

When a woman reaches menopause, her ovaries stop producing estrogen and progesterone hormones—the primary female sex hormones. As the body adjusts to hormonal changes during this time, symptoms such as hot flashes, night sweats, vaginal dryness, weight gain, fatigue, irritability, mood swings, and urinary tract infections may be experienced.

Pregnant women will also experience these symptoms due to temporary hormone fluctuations. However, most women become pregnant within one year of menopause, so it is not considered permanent. When the ability to get pregnant ends at 45 or older, it is referred to as perimenopause.

The good news is that if you have reached menopause and are experiencing bothersome symptoms, several options exist to help alleviate them. Speak with our Las Vegas Menopause Specialists at American Medical Wellness to get started.


We provide you with the tools you need to boost energy, increase mental clarity, and improve sexual and overall health.

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Menopause Specialist Las Vegas
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Treatments to Help with Menopause in Las Vegas

There are many treatment options for menopause. Treatments include hormone replacement therapy (HRT), natural remedies, lifestyle changes, and alternative therapies.

Menopause Treatments in Las Vegas Solutions:

Bioidentical Hormones Las Vegas – Female hormones naturally decline during perimenopause and menopause. While estrogen levels fall, progesterone levels remain stable; this can lead to an imbalance in the female body system. This is why our Las Vegas Wellness Healthcare specialists may suggest hormone replacement therapy (HRT).

There are different types of HRT used to help with symptoms such as hot flashes, vaginal dryness, irregular periods, and osteoporosis prevention; these include systemic oral-like pills or patches applied to the skin, oral estrogen pills that are crushed and put in a “compounded” cream to be applied to the vulva, vaginal estrogen rings inserted into the vagina, and a topical ointment.

Peptide Therapy for Menopause – American Medical Wellness also has a comprehensive line of peptide therapies designed to help with menopause and aging. Peptides are tiny molecular chains that mimic the body’s natural hormones, offering anti-aging benefits such as skin health, hair growth, improved nails, and better sleep.

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Las Vegas Menopause Specialists

We are the best wellness health clinic in Las Vegas that is built around alternative medicine and treatments that utilize bio-identical hormones to treat all female conditions, including Menopause, PMS, heavy bleeding during periods, and infertility issues.

Menopause Specialist Las Vegas

Our team offers nutritional advice and supplements to achieve optimal health naturally. Many of our patients come to us because they’ve had unsatisfactory results with hormone replacement therapy in the past. We understand how frustrating it can be to find relief from debilitating symptoms only to experience other issues while taking hormones.

To help our patients avoid this, we use bio-identical hormones that are free of synthetic ingredients. Many other providers typically use these types of hormones, which come directly from animals or plants; they contain different molecular structures than human hormones and can carry side effects that range from mildly annoying to potentially dangerous.

What Our Client’s Say

Amelia W.
I had the best consultation at American Medical Wellness Clinic in Vegas! Made me feel a little better about myself. The weight of growing older is heavy on my mind, but thankfully there are answers to help with this issue.

Olivia W.
I went to American Medical Wellness Clinic looking for help to cope with my symptoms from menopause. I had been dealing with hot flashes and was scared to start any type of medication because of all the side effects I have seen others experience...

Emma B.
I have first introduced to hormone optimization and peptides therapy about a year and a half ago. I won’t go into detail about why I decided to try it because it’s personal, but suffice to say that I had some hurdles that were preventing me from reaching my athletic...

Charlotte J.
I’m glad that I went here, It was a life saver for me. I had tried out a bunch weight loss programs, but they just didn’t work for me. None of them had what I needed, truly amazed by the help I received from the staff of American Wellness Clinic.

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