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Wayne Allyn Root show

Learn more about the American Male Wellness experience as Wayne Allyn Root interviews of one our patients and partners.

Joseph Benincasa

My name is Joseph Benincasa. I have high blood pressure, High Cholesterol, Diabetes, and Erectile Dysfunction hit me when I was only 40 years old, and my marriage was devastated and destroyed because of it.

I tried many options, but nothing helped, so I reluctantly tried the very painful penile injections, which did work at first but in a short time, caused very painful erections, made my problem worse and caused serious damage to my penis. My marriage ended horribly with my wife blaming me and questioning my manhood and making me feel so depressed and I totally lost my self-esteem and had no confidence in my life.

I lived hopelessly for 20 years hiding my secret from family and friends and thought there was no hope until I heard about “American Male Wellness” and after researching the new treatments, I knew I had to give it a try and realized that my sexual health is and should be my number one priority. After meeting with Dr. Kenneth Tam at American Male Wellness, he explained the procedures and benefits of Acoustic Wave and the PRP shot and how they work together to break down the damage from the injections and build-up of damaged cells. The PRP shot would heal me and help grow new nerves and blood vessels.

Before the treatment I was so nervous remembering how painful the injections I had taken were, but the PRP shot, and the Acousticwave was 100% painless and I’m in no pain what so ever. The treatments have changed not only my sexual health but my mental health as well, and I feel reborn as a man20 years after my ordeal and at age 60 I have my life back again and could not be happier!!! Thanks again to the American Male Wellness great job.

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Ken was suffering from erectile dysfunction for many years and was able to see some real result just after 3 months of therapies.

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I know how ED can ruin your life, because it ruined mine, and I had tried everything and failed until I found American Male Wellness.

They did not just treat my symptoms, they cured my ED and it has turned my life around, and not just in the bedroom. The new confidence I have to perform without pills is a game changer for me, and it will also be for you.

American Male Wellness can do this because they use several techniques combined to get the job done. They use and offer acoustic wave therapy, Testosterone, and vitamin deficiency replacement, the use of stem cells with the painless P Shot, and the best part is it’s affordable and blows away anyone in town.

I am a real patient, with real results, and American Male Wellness was the best decision I have ever made.

Ken B.

Never thought i’ll be back to my old self, but the staff at American Wellness

Ben T.

At age 60 I have my life back again and could not be happier!

Joseph B.

I had tried everything and failed until I found American Male Wellness. Thank you!

Thomas A.

Great staff results are very good, highly recommend them to any man with ED. Acoustic

John G.

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