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Age like fine wine with Botox Las Vegas! American Medical Wellness is the leading clinic for Botox injections and treatments in Las Vegas. We focus every patient’s treatment on their unique needs and focus on problem areas they want to highlight.

Whether you want Botox treatments for your forehead, temple, jaw, crow’s feet, or frown lines, we can help! Get in touch with American Medical Wellness today to schedule a Botox treatment in Las Vegas.

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Botox Las Vegas

Goodbye, Wrinkles! Hello, Botox Beautiful!

Age Gracefully With Best Botox Las Vegas

It’s natural to seek ways to maintain a youthful appearance while embracing the wisdom that comes with age. Rather than striving for an unattainable standard of perfection, embracing the natural process of aging with the assistance of Botox can empower individuals to feel confident and comfortable in their skin.

By smoothing out wrinkles and fine lines, Botox treatments provide a subtle enhancement that allows one’s inner beauty to shine through without sacrificing authenticity.

Embracing the changes in our bodies while taking proactive steps to maintain our desired aesthetic allows us to age gracefully with confidence

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Our Botox Injection Treatment Areas

  • Eye Wrinkles (Crows Feet)
  • Temple
  • Temporomandibular Joint Pain (TMJ)
  • Forehead
  • Jaw Tension
  • Frown lines
How Much Does Las Vegas Botox Cost

How Much Does Las Vegas Botox Cost?

You can expect to pay around $13 per unit or $650 per vial of Botox, but many clinics offer package deals that can bring down the overall price. In today’s age, it’s better to purchase a full vial of Botox as it allows for more coverage in treatments and better results compared to smaller units.

While getting Botox per unit is a lot more cost-effective, it isn’t ideal because the resources are more limited compared to a full vial, which can affect results. Always consult with a reputable clinic or medical professional to determine the most suitable option based on your specific needs and budget. The cost of Botox can also vary depending on various factors such as the location, practitioner experience, and additional services required.


We provide you with the tools you need to boost energy, increase mental clarity, and improve sexual and overall health.

Schedule an appointment (702) 347-7000
(702) 347-7000

Reverse Frown Lines With Botox Treatments

Those pesky lines between the eyebrows, often referred to as 11s, are caused by repeated muscle contractions and can give off a perpetually angry or stressed appearance. However, with targeted Botox injections, these furrows can be significantly reduced or even eliminated altogether!

What makes Botox so effective in treating frown lines is its ability to temporarily restrict movement within the muscles responsible for creating them.

By blocking the nerve signals that cause these muscles to contract, Botox allows them to relax and smooth out naturally! This not only results in a more relaxed and youthful appearance but also prevents the formation of deeper frown lines!

Fun Fact: Botox, originally a medical solution, accidentally became a cosmetic superhero, erasing frown lines and unveiling a smoother, youthful look!

Forehead Botox Injections For A Younger You!

Forehead botox treatments are quick, relatively painless, and require minimal downtime. With experienced professionals administering precise injections, you can expect natural-looking results without sacrificing your ability to convey genuine facial emotions.

Botox is not only effective in addressing frown lines and furrows, but it can also be used to smooth out forehead wrinkles. As we age, the muscles in our foreheads tend to contract, leading to horizontal lines across our brows. These deep creases can make us look older than we feel!

Thankfully, Botox injections offer a simple solution for smoothing out these unwanted wrinkles. Get in touch with American Medical Wellness and ask about our forehead botox injection treatments in Las Vegas.

Forehead Botox Injections For A Younger You

Choose The Best Care For Yourself

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Does Botox For TMJ Work?

Botox has emerged as a potential solution for alleviating the symptoms of temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorder. By targeting the muscles responsible for jaw movement, Botox can effectively relax these muscles, leading to relief from TMJ-related discomfort and jaw tension.

This alternative treatment option offers a non-invasive approach for those seeking relief from the debilitating symptoms of TMJ disorder.

In addition to providing pain relief, Botox injections may also help improve overall jaw function in individuals with TMJ. Botox can limit involuntary clenching and grinding that often contribute to TMJ-related issues.

How Long Before You See Botox Results?

Botox treatments can be visible within 7-10 days after the injection with the full results showing after 10-14 days. However, results also vary from person to person. Factors like age, sun exposure, lifestyle, and diet all affect Botox results.

How Long Before You See Botox Results?

It’s important to understand that you need to be patient with Botox since the recovery process can also impact the results.

Patients typically feel a small, painless injection when undergoing Botox treatments in Las Vegas.

These small injections are virtually painless and heal within a matter of days. Patients also report swollen skin and discomfort at the injection site.

However, these symptoms resolve after a few days.

Call Us For Our Botox Specials in Las Vegas

American Medical Wellness is ready to provide the best Botox specials in Las Vegas. We ensure that every patient gets the quality medical care they deserve with every treatment we provide.

If there’s a specific problem area that you want to focus on, then we’re happy to target that area! Contact our medical team today to schedule a Botox treatment. Aging is a fact of life. Looking your age doesn’t have to be!

What Our Client’s Say

Amelia W.
I had the best consultation at American Medical Wellness Clinic in Vegas! Made me feel a little better about myself. The weight of growing older is heavy on my mind, but thankfully there are answers to help with this issue.

Olivia W.
I went to American Medical Wellness Clinic looking for help to cope with my symptoms from menopause. I had been dealing with hot flashes and was scared to start any type of medication because of all the side effects I have seen others experience...

Emma B.
I have first introduced to hormone optimization and peptides therapy about a year and a half ago. I won’t go into detail about why I decided to try it because it’s personal, but suffice to say that I had some hurdles that were preventing me from reaching my athletic...

Charlotte J.
I’m glad that I went here, It was a life saver for me. I had tried out a bunch weight loss programs, but they just didn’t work for me. None of them had what I needed, truly amazed by the help I received from the staff of American Wellness Clinic.

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