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Another method of fighting the signs of aging is the Vampire Facelift. Well, if you want to have a safe process, choosing us is a great idea. It uses the resources of the body to support the restoration and rejuvenation process.

How Is the Procedure Performed?

Our Vampire Facelift applies body resources to restore, rejuvenate and heal the skin. The procedure includes creating a serum for your blood and natural growth factors that your body produces. Then, the platelet-rich fluid will be injected into your tissues to give them the needed nutrients. The dermal filler will be applied for the stimulation of collagen production.


What Are the Benefits?

With our Vampire Facelift, you can have the chance to have a refreshing and younger looking skin. It is a non-surgical facelift, so you have nothing to fear since you don’t need to go under the knife. If you want a more natural approach for your beauty goals, then our Vampire Facelift is the best solution. It is the best alternative to laser. With our service, you can have a brighter and smoother face, since you get injected with natural resources. The procedure can also help your tissue to regenerate collagen.


How Long Is the Recovery?

Undergoing in Vampire Facelift can be performed within 30 to 40 minutes. Before we conduct the process, we will draw blood from our patient. Then, we will separate the platelets from the blood. The natural fillers and platelets will be injected to the areas that you will request including the mouth lines, cheeks, under the eyes, etc. After the process, your face can suffer from little redness, but it will recover after a few hours.


Who Do We Recommend It?

Our Vampire Facelift is highly suggested for the people who want to eliminate sunken areas and wrinkles in your face. It can activate the regeneration power that is stored in your blood. It also a good option for you if you have a less smooth skin texture or grayish or uneven tone.