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Do you experience temporary urinary incontinence? Well, our O-shot service is for you.

How Is the Procedure Performed?

In this process, a sample of your blood will be drawn which can make platelet-rich plasma. The blood will go into a centrifuge to separate the platelets. The platelets will be used as a platelet-rich plasma gel that will be injected into the targeted areas.


What Are the Benefits?

Our O-shot can’t just ease your urinary incontinence. It will also offer you amazing benefits such as less pain while having intercourse, improved lubrication, smoother skin on the vulva, tightened vaginal opening, as well as enhanced orgasms.


How Long Is the Recovery?

The O-shot procedure can last about 20 minutes. The injections don’t take long. We can apply anesthetic cream to the target areas to reduce the pain during injections. You can feel slight soreness, but don’t worry because it is only temporary.


Who Do We Recommend It?

This service is recommended for women who want to ease their urinary incontinence. It is also for those who want to increase their orgasms and lubrication.