The O Shot is a type of Platelet Rich Plasma treatment for women. Most women who get this treatment will have low or no sex drive. Just because we get older does not mean we don’t want a satisfying sex life. This blog will explain exactly what the O Shot is and why it may be beneficial for you.

Who Is A Candidate For The O Shot?

The O Shot is an excellent option for women who want to increase their sexual satisfaction without having surgery or taking hormones. Wellness clinics are among many medical providers that offer the O-Shot. It may also be used as a treatment for FSD or Female Sexual Dysfunction, which may be caused by menopause, childbirth, hysterectomy, hormone replacement therapy, or any other condition that affects hormone levels in the body.

For candidates who suffer from low libido or difficulty achieving an orgasm, the O Shot may help restore sensitivity and improve pleasure during sex. If you’re experiencing chronic pain during intercourse, this procedure may also relieve that pain and make penetration more comfortable.

How Does The O Shot Work?

The O Shot is a non-surgical procedure that uses PRP or Platelet-Rich Plasma to increase vaginal and clitoral sensitivity.

The O Shot is performed in the doctor’s office and takes less than an hour. The procedure involves making a small incision in the patient’s upper arm and drawing blood from it. The doctor then separates the platelets from the red blood cells, leaving only the platelets behind. This process makes the platelets rich with growth factors, which help promote healing and tissue growth, just as they do when they form a scab after you cut yourself.

Once all of the platelets are extracted, they are injected into the vagina or clitoris using a needle thinner than human hair. This injection triggers an inflammatory response on a cellular level inside your body, causing new collagen formation and increased blood flow to the area being treated. This results in increased vaginal lubrication and enhanced sexual pleasure for women who undergo this procedure.

How Much Does The O Shot Cost?

The cost of the procedure depends on different factors. The first factor is clinic to clinic. One clinic may charge one price while the other charges another price for the procedure. The second factor is if you have insurance or not. Insurance may cover some to all of the procedures if the procedure has been previously prescribed by a different doctor as a treatment plan for FSD or Female Sexual Dysfunction. Another factor could be whether your provider offers a bundled treatment plan versus paying for each individual treatment as you get them. Some clinics will offer to finance your treatments to help not pay for everything all at once.

The Benefits of An O Shot

The O Shot may enhance orgasm and increase sensitivity in the clitoris. This may lead to more intense orgasms, better sexual satisfaction, greater arousal during sex, improved ability to reach orgasm more easily, and an increased desire to have sex. It may also be used to improve skin tone and tightness.

The O Shot is very effective in treating urinary incontinence and stress incontinence. Having to urinate many times during the day is a thing of the past with the O Shot. As one of the main uses, women may improve their sexual pleasure. The O Shot may help with clitoral stimulation, vaginal orgasm, and increased sexual response. This provides greater sexual arousal and relieves sexual problems that could be preventing women from climaxing.

Vaginal dryness may happen at any age, but especially after menopause. This happens because there is less natural lubrication provided due to ovaries no longer producing estrogen. Also, using hormone replacement therapy or HRT will typically make vaginal dryness worse rather than alleviate it. With the Orgasm Shot, we increase blood flow to the vaginal tissue which leads to increased natural lubrication, thus eliminating sexual dysfunction and discomfort during intercourse. Increased lubrication not only helps you, it helps your partner too!