Essentially, it is a regenerative treatment that utilizes nothing but the own blood of the patient.

Vampire facial is the nickname the beauty sector has coined. This facial is called facial or treatment with platelet-rich plasma (PRP). Platelets are tiny blood cells that play vital part in assisting the body stop bleeding and repair damaged blood vessels and cells.

You might believe of them as small powerhouses that release proteins for development when they come into contact with the tissue of the body.

It is a therapy involving micro needling accompanied by platelet-rich plasma or PRP being applied to the skin.

How it is performed ?

  • Well trained skin care specialist draws blood from the body for the first time.
  • They will then remove your blood platelets. Using a centrifuge to separate its layers, they spin the blood quickly. It extracts the plasma rich in platelets.
  • Through micro needling or microdermabrasion, these platelets are then introduced to your skin. When the platelets are placed, your skin is thinly tricked & is injured, making to produce more platelets.


Benefits of Vampire Facial:

Once you achieve the age of 25, the natural collagen and elastin manufacturing of the skin tends to slow down. You need medications such as Vampire facials to keep your skin’s elasticity and smoothness. You can also choose the operation for your hands, neck, décolletage, and any other parts where you notice the impacts of aging.

  • You’ve likely heard of micro needling and how it can assist boost more collagen and elastin in the skin. Dermatologists inflict micro-injuries or puncture wounds on the skin using equipment such as the MicroPen or Dermapen. As the skin heals the injuries, with fewer lines, wrinkles, and other signs of aging, it acquires a smoother appearance.
  • Micro-needling also works to repair scars and acne marks from injury. This is because the good needles in the scar tissue can break the fibers. The fresh site-forming skin and tissue have a smoother texture as it heals rapidly.
  • The growth factors, cytokines, mesenchymal stem cells, platelets, and other healing components in the PRP serum enter the puncture wounds into the lower layers of the skin.
  • Here, they act on the collagen and elastin and induce the layer to produce more cells quickly. The skin can also use the PRP elements as building blocks to reconstruct the tissues faster.

Given the need to draw your blood, you may wonder why you’d bring yourself through a facial vampire. This operation provides countless advantages despite its off name, which make it attractive to patients who want to relieve the signs of aging on their faces.

Injections of PRP can assist in boosting collagen. The treatment, combined with micro needling, can lead to scar reduction, sun damage correction, and minimization of fine lines and pores. And since the PRP comes from your blood, there is no risk of adverse effects. Patients with blood disorders or taking blood thinners, however, should skip this sort of operation.

As mentioned previously, the plasma rich in platelets includes growth factors that increase the development of collagen and improve the elasticity of the skin.


This operation enables:

  • Enhance the wrinkle appearance and fine lines
  • Reduce skin pores size
  • Improve acne scars appearance
  • Improve skin plumpness
  • Improve skin texture
  • The skin under the eyes rejuvenates
  • Give young, soft skin
  • Improve skin care product’s efficiency
  • This facial operation is non-invasive and can be combined with other facial processes to improve the efficiency of skin care products.
  • It has become a trend du jour and is being dubbed as the key to the Youth Fountain.

The facials of vampires are discreet and relatively secure. Without extensive surgery or more invasive methods like the brow or eye lift, they can help you get the looks you want and reverse the signs of aging.

Maybe the Vampire facials ‘ best positive is that they are secure with a rare chance of side effects and downsides. The PRP serum is developed from individual patients ‘ blood to eliminate any risk of allergic reactions. Choose this therapy and look forward to beautiful rejuvenated skin with few traces of aging or any other blemishes.

Is the vampire facial painful and secure?

A local anesthetic cream is applied to the face before any needles are injected.

This should make the therapy comparatively painless, although some injections produced straight into the lip border should be expected to hurt somewhat.


Possible side effects include puffy-looking skin, a day or two with mild itchiness and bruising around the eyes.

Who can get it?

This operation can be carried out on any skin. For anyone who wants to improve the appearance of their skin issues such as skin laxity, wrinkles, irregular skin tone, fine lines, and texture and scarring, our vampire facial with live stem cells is suggested. For those with darker skin tones, the operation is also secure.

How long does the recovery take?

It’s normal to experience redness for a couple of days as you attempt our Vampire Facial PRP. You can have a week’s dry face as well. We recommend you avoid strict 3-day practice like steam rooms, saunas, etc. It can therefore, make you sweat that can irritate your skin.

Whom are we suggesting it?

For those in excellent health, we suggest our Vampire Facial PRP. It is ideal for those interested in treating minor signs of aging. In the meantime, if you are pregnant, use Accutane for acne, or have skin conditions such as rosacea or facial eczema, this method is not correct for you. If you have had skin radiation for the last 12 months, the operation is also not advisable.


Patients should receive one therapy per months, for three months followed by one therapy per year for the highest outcomes.


Why American Medical Wellness?

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