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Peyronie’s disease has been more apparent in men nowadays. It is a condition caused by the development of fibrous scar tissue, which forms inside the penis. The formation of the plaque causes the genital to curve, resulting in painful erections.

How to know if you have Peyronie’s disease?

Penises come in different sizes and shapes. So, it’s common for some to have a curved one. However, not all have Peyronie’s disease.

What’s the difference between men with curved penises and Peyronie’s disease? Well, it’s the level of pain men experience. This is especially true during erection and intercourse.


Are you at risk?

For the past few years, Peyronie’s disease has been common. Despite that, the plaque formation is still unclear. The same thing goes with the risks. They are still unknown.

Studies show Peyronie’s disease often appears in middle-aged men. But the truth is that all men are typically at risk. Approximately 1 percent of men develop the penile problem according to the National Institutes of Health, and this number is genetically linked.

Some people believe that Peyronie’s disease is caused by a minor injury. Well, it can be. However, there are other factors that contribute to scar tissue buildup and poor wound healing. These are heredity, connective tissue disorders, and age.

If a relative is diagnosed with Peyronie’s disease, you also have an increased risk. Also, when you suffer from a connective tissue disorder, you are more prone to the penile curvature.


What are the symptoms?

The symptoms of Peyronie’s disease appear at random. Some occur overnight while others develop after some time. This penile problem typically causes reduced flexibility, forcing the genital to bend during an erection.

However, this pain reduces over time while the curve remains. Other signs can include scar tissue, erection problems, and shortening of the genitals. When it comes to the curvature, it might worsen. But there are reported cases where it stabilizes.

What are the complications?

There are a lot of complications when you have a Peyronie’s disease. These consist of the inability to have intercourse, difficulty achieving an erection. Anxiety, stress on your relationship, and difficult fathering a child.


Are there treatments?

Despite the ambiguity of the cause, there are various treatments to choose from. Common solutions are a surgical operation and non-surgical procedures.

As a medical and wellness company, we provide a non-surgical Peyronie’s treatment available with live stem cell, amniotic fluid, and Platelet Rich Plasma therapy. Serving our valued clients for years now, we have helped men achieve a more satisfying sex life.

Compared to other male enhancement solutions, our PRP is clinically proven. It can help men with Peyronie’s disease to dissolve the fibrous scar tissue, straighten the penis, restore sexual functions, and bring back the fire in an intimate relationship.

Peyronie’s disease is very common. But don’t endure the discomfort for the rest of your life. It’s time to restore your manhood, provide your partner with the best experience, and achieve a fulfilling sex life. Schedule an appointment with us today! We’re always glad to serve you from start to finish.