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Statistics indicate that men are more likely to suffer from hair loss at some point in time. Even though it is common, it’s still disheartening for men. Losing hair can pull down your confidence and lead to different emotions, causing anxiety.


What’s alarming is that some choose to hide their hair loss for a long time before they look for a solution. But it shouldn’t be a reason to ruin your life. Hair loss PRP is a quick procedure, bringing back your full and healthy hair.


While both genders experience hair loss, it is more noticeable in men. It’s the result of hormones. Since it’s raging in puberty, men in their teenage years and early twenties are at a higher risk.


During this stage, testosterone comes in a higher quantity. Although there’s no male-pattern baldness gene, a boost in the hormone can result in the shrinkage of the hair follicles.

What is hair loss PRP?

Many people know we only specialize in P-Shot. But we have the expertise in hair loss PRP. Known as platelet-rich plasma, PRP is obtained from a patient’s blood. When extracting blood components such as platelets and minerals, we use a special and innovative technology. Also, our staff are skilled in handling the process from start to finish.


What are the benefits?

• Naturally stimulates hair growth. When men suffer from extreme hair loss, they think of synthetic solutions. PRP, on the contrary, can stimulate hair growth naturally. While the treatment can be risky, our medical team is certified and seasoned.

• Increases hair density, fullness or volume. Thick and shiny hair can be a confidence booster. But everything will be different when your hair starts to lose, and our PRP services are worth the investment. Not only can it enhance your hair density, but it can also improve its fullness or volume.

• Improves quality and strong hair. Shampoo, conditioners, and other brands are packed with synthetic materials, which can cause balding among men. Our PRP has been developed to restore that lustre and thickness of your hair.

• Reduces the risk of hair loss. Losing hair can be a simple problem for some. But it can be a difficult health issue that requires immediate treatment. Our PRP is performed by a team of committed professionals.

• Maximum patient satisfaction. There are many companies that provide PRP. But we stand out from our competition. We consider our clients’ requirements throughout the operation.

• The only non-pharmaceutical and non-surgical treatment that proves its efficacy.

How is the procedure performed?

Before we perform PRP, we obtain a sample of blood from a client. We put them into a canister that separates it into multiple layers. We use the blood that’s rich with platelets. Then, we inject the solution into the scalp. That’s it! Throughout the operation, we bear our clients’ safety in mind.


How long is the procedure?

PRP can be tricky, and it takes time to finish. Usually, the procedure needs at least three sessions to complete.

With us, everything will be different. First, we shorten the period of service. Second, we are equipped with certified professionals. Third, we use up-to-date technology for every operation. Last but not least, we have attention details. We never take shortcuts no matter how complicated your condition. All of these things result in a fun and hassle-free customer service.


How long is the recovery?

One of the main concerns of our clients is a long recovery period. It depends upon the situation. When patients suffer from swelling, rashes, or allergic reactions, the recovery will take a month or two.