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Men diagnosed with a poor erectile function suffer from vascular issues, which affect the vessels that supply enough blood to cavernous penile bodies. This also leads to a decreased ability to develop or maintain a hard erection.

As an effective treatment, Acoustic Wave Therapy can restore optimal erectile function. Used in vascular medicine, experts have proven that AWT can stimulate the growth of new blood vessels.

As a medical and wellness company, we believe in treating the underlying problem with regenerative medicine. Any erectile issues are not just a sexual issue. A great sexual life can result in greater satisfaction in social and family relationships. The sooner erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation are treated, the better the result. Proactive, proven and safe treatment makes it easier to correct the problem and prevent further deterioration.

What are the benefits?

• Treats both the cause and symptoms. Erectile dysfunction can be recurring. With us, we take pride in our Acoustic Wave Therapy. More than treating the symptoms, our procedure can put an end to the cause.

• Ensures spontaneous erections. A fast and firm erection is good. But it’s not enough. Spontaneous and long-lasting one is perfect. Our AWT can guarantee that after a single session.

• Visible results within weeks. Sex life is important in every couple. But imagine you lose that potency and resistance in bed. It can lead to bigger problems. Before it’s too late, schedule an appointment with us today.

• Provides long-term clinical results. Within three weeks, our patients can experience a difference with their sex lives. But how long can it last? Good news! You can enjoy it over time.

• Non-invasive. Other male enhancement surgeries are painful with severe side effects. Our Acoustic Wave Therapy is different. It’s painless and non-invasive. For those men who are afraid to pain, you have come to the right place.


How is the procedure performed?

Our Acoustic Wave Therapy is very simple. We use special and cutting-edge technology that produces low-intensity acoustic waves. It is transmitted onto the area to create microtrauma to the tissue. Not only does it activate the body’s healing response, but it also stimulates any treated tissues to grow new blood vessels and improve sexual performance. For more erectile rejuvenation, we combine our Acoustic Wave Therapy with platelet-rich plasma.

How long is the recovery?

Our Acoustic Wave Therapy is fast. Within a few hours, we can get the process done right the first time. Our people are experienced that can increase our clients’ safety. Despite the quick operation, we do not compromise the highest quality services. We guarantee results that can last from 2 to 3 years. But it still depends on individual health, lifestyle and other factors.


How long is the recovery?

As with P-Shot, our Acoustic Wave Therapy does not require a long recovery. After the operation, you can go back with your routine. But a few days of rest is recommended. Just follow our experts’ safety precautions to avoid any side effects.


Who do we recommend it?

Our Acoustic Wave Therapy is perfect for men who suffer from erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, and other penile issues. Whether you’re in the early 20s or above, you’re at a higher risk of ED issues. And our Acoustic Wave Therapy will be of great help.