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One of the factors that affect a healthy sexual life is erectile dysfunction. It is a condition wherein a man struggles to achieve and maintain an erection before and during intercourse. Experts suggest that the causes are usually medical. But the truth is that it can be psychological.

Erectile dysfunction is common to men at 40s and above. Studies show that even young ones can experience ED. Common causes can include a heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, and surgical operations to name a few.

Stress can also become a triggering factor. Performance anxiety, depression, loss of arousal, fatigue, relationship issue, unrealistic sexual expectations, low self-esteem, and previous traumatic experiences are no exception. Numerous prescription drugs, alcohol, and smoking can likewise cause ED.

Worry no more! We are a medical wellness company that provides health therapies for men out there! Aside from drug treatments, vacuum devices, and surgical operations, health therapies are now a popular option for many.

What are the benefits?
Men think of supplements to treat ED. It’s a good decision, but they can pose a potential risk. So, it’s best to stay natural, and our health therapies can help. One of the most useful forms of therapy is CBT. It is a proactive yet actionable therapy developed to change how a man thinks and behaves. Here are some benefits you can enjoy from our ED treatment:


• Safe and risk-free. ED is a serious health problem that men face. With the inability to fulfil their partner’s sexual needs, they feel guilty and believe they are worthless. Don’t worry! We are a medical wellness company that offers some proven health therapies. Unlike the competition, our erectile dysfunction treatment is risk-free.


• Effective and powerful. You probably have tried a range of medications to treat ED. But do they help bring back that wild beast in you? Whatever the case maybe, our therapies and ED treatments can guarantee results within a few days.


• Protect you from other diseases. Pills and other drugs are now available on the market. While most options are effective, we cannot deny the fact that they can put your life in danger. On the contrary, our health therapies and other natural solutions can restore your manhood. It can also protect you from severe complications such as high blood pressure and diabetes.

How long is the recovery?
As with other diseases, erectile dysfunction has different stages. In case your condition is at the advanced level, supplements might not be helpful. So, you might consider surgical operations. While it can be effective, the recovery time is long, affecting your routine.


As a trusted medical wellness company, we guarantee a shorter recovery period among our valued clients. Surrounded by a team of professionals, we stay updated with the trends. We also streamline every procedure. Also, we take great pride in our cutting-edge technology.


Who do we recommend it?
Whether you’re suffering from erectile dysfunction or low self-esteem in bed, our health therapies can serve as an excellent ED treatment. We understand how difficult ED is, that’s why we extend our hand to help.


We also know how hard to look for the best solution, and it usually does not happen overnight. For more information, feel free to contact us!


Erectile dysfunction usually happens to men at 40s and above. But young ones may also have the risk. The common causes are psychological and physical conditions. Whatever the case may be, our health therapies and other treatment have got everyone covered.


Excitement during an intimate activity is normal. For new couples, men ejaculate within five minutes or below. It can be a common circumstance for them. But, when a man has been suffering from that condition for months now, it’s the best time to consult an expert.

Premature ejaculation is a common complaint among men. Studies show that 1 out of 3 individuals might experience this sexual problem at some point in time. While it’s not a problem for some, others consider it a big deal. As men ejaculate after a minute of penetration, they lose their erection and can’t continue having sex. So, both may not have enough time to enjoy a romantic activity.

But the good news is that there are treatment options to choose from. These can include behavioural techniques, medications, counselling, and topical anaesthetics. Unfortunately, selecting the right treatment can be a headache. That’s why we are here to help.

What are the benefits?

You see there’s a variety of solutions to consider. But narrowing down the most suitable option can be a challenge. As a medical wellness company, we can assist everyone throughout the process. Other benefits are listed below:

• Reduce performance anxiety. Because of a traumatic experience, men may lose confidence in bed. Leaving them untreated can lead to performance anxiety and premature ejaculation. With our health therapies and counselling, we can restore our clients’ self-esteem during penetration. We can also assist you to last in bed for hours.

• Recommend the best oral medications. After treating a psychological condition, it does not stop there. To maximize the result, incorporate FDA approved drugs into your routine. Top choices can consist of antidepressants and analgesics. When encountering some trouble in finding the right medication, our experts can provide reliable information.

• Effective and affordable solutions. As a medical wellness company, we are the leading expert for our target market. What makes us a reliable specialist is that we provide quality therapies at a competitive price.

How long is the Procedure?
Serving our valued clients for years now, we pride ourselves on convenient, stress-free and immediate solutions. Our people are trained and capable to do their specific responsibilities. We also use a set of cutting-edge technology that enables us to scale the process.

We also strive to innovate our services. Since establishment, we remain dedicated to providing custom treatment. We never have a universal solution as we consider our clients’ unique needs.

How long is the recovery?

Well, the recovery after our treatment for premature ejaculation is fast. Despite that, we guarantee long-lasting results that are worth the cost. However, following our safety precautions and other requirements should not be overlooked.


A simple mistake can result in a potential problem. Sometimes, discipline and commitment can play a vital role. So, be patient and positive at all times.


Premature ejaculation can be recurring. Then, don’t hold back to seek our assistance. We’re available 24/7 for your convenience. We will try our best to lessen the discomfort, ignite the fire in a relationship, and have a rewarding life in the future.


Who do we recommend it?

Adult and young men may suffer from premature ejaculation, and our treatment services can be an impressive option.


Whether you are previously engaged or married, our solution is perfect. Our treatment for premature ejaculation is also ideal for university students, office professionals, and other men out there.


Don’t wait for the time when your condition is at an advanced stage! We’re the company that you can depend on to address your requirements.


Why do we recommend it?

For individuals who have been enduring the discomfort of premature ejaculation, now is the time to address it with us!


Our treatment is well developed that can go beyond your expectations.


We hate seeing couples break up because of sexual problems. With our years of experience, we have many success stories that can be inspiring to different couples. We also have the unmatched commitment to give other clients the same journey.


Men diagnosed with a poor erectile function suffer from vascular issues, which affect the vessels that supply enough blood to cavernous penile bodies. This also leads to a decreased ability to develop or maintain a hard erection.

As an effective treatment, Acoustic Wave Therapy can restore optimal erectile function. Used in vascular medicine, experts have proven that AWT can stimulate the growth of new blood vessels.

As a medical and wellness company, we believe in treating the underlying problem with regenerative medicine. Any erectile issues are not just a sexual issue. A great sexual life can result in greater satisfaction in social and family relationships. The sooner erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation are treated, the better the result. Proactive, proven and safe treatment makes it easier to correct the problem and prevent further deterioration.

What are the benefits?

• Treats both the cause and symptoms. Erectile dysfunction can be recurring. With us, we take pride in our Acoustic Wave Therapy. More than treating the symptoms, our procedure can put an end to the cause.

• Ensures spontaneous erections. A fast and firm erection is good. But it’s not enough. Spontaneous and long-lasting one is perfect. Our AWT can guarantee that after a single session.

• Visible results within weeks. Sex life is important in every couple. But imagine you lose that potency and resistance in bed. It can lead to bigger problems. Before it’s too late, schedule an appointment with us today.

• Provides long-term clinical results. Within three weeks, our patients can experience a difference with their sex lives. But how long can it last? Good news! You can enjoy it over time.

• Non-invasive. Other male enhancement surgeries are painful with severe side effects. Our Acoustic Wave Therapy is different. It’s painless and non-invasive. For those men who are afraid to pain, you have come to the right place.


How is the procedure performed?

Our Acoustic Wave Therapy is very simple. We use special and cutting-edge technology that produces low-intensity acoustic waves. It is transmitted onto the area to create microtrauma to the tissue. Not only does it activate the body’s healing response, but it also stimulates any treated tissues to grow new blood vessels and improve sexual performance. For more erectile rejuvenation, we combine our Acoustic Wave Therapy with platelet-rich plasma.

How long is the recovery?

Our Acoustic Wave Therapy is fast. Within a few hours, we can get the process done right the first time. Our people are experienced that can increase our clients’ safety. Despite the quick operation, we do not compromise the highest quality services. We guarantee results that can last from 2 to 3 years. But it still depends on individual health, lifestyle and other factors.


How long is the recovery?

As with P-Shot, our Acoustic Wave Therapy does not require a long recovery. After the operation, you can go back with your routine. But a few days of rest is recommended. Just follow our experts’ safety precautions to avoid any side effects.


Who do we recommend it?

Our Acoustic Wave Therapy is perfect for men who suffer from erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, and other penile issues. Whether you’re in the early 20s or above, you’re at a higher risk of ED issues. And our Acoustic Wave Therapy will be of great help.


Peyronie’s disease has been more apparent in men nowadays. It is a condition caused by the development of fibrous scar tissue, which forms inside the penis. The formation of the plaque causes the genital to curve, resulting in painful erections.

How to know if you have Peyronie’s disease?

Penises come in different sizes and shapes. So, it’s common for some to have a curved one. However, not all have Peyronie’s disease.

What’s the difference between men with curved penises and Peyronie’s disease? Well, it’s the level of pain men experience. This is especially true during erection and intercourse.


Are you at risk?

For the past few years, Peyronie’s disease has been common. Despite that, the plaque formation is still unclear. The same thing goes with the risks. They are still unknown.

Studies show Peyronie’s disease often appears in middle-aged men. But the truth is that all men are typically at risk. Approximately 1 percent of men develop the penile problem according to the National Institutes of Health, and this number is genetically linked.

Some people believe that Peyronie’s disease is caused by a minor injury. Well, it can be. However, there are other factors that contribute to scar tissue buildup and poor wound healing. These are heredity, connective tissue disorders, and age.

If a relative is diagnosed with Peyronie’s disease, you also have an increased risk. Also, when you suffer from a connective tissue disorder, you are more prone to the penile curvature.


What are the symptoms?

The symptoms of Peyronie’s disease appear at random. Some occur overnight while others develop after some time. This penile problem typically causes reduced flexibility, forcing the genital to bend during an erection.

However, this pain reduces over time while the curve remains. Other signs can include scar tissue, erection problems, and shortening of the genitals. When it comes to the curvature, it might worsen. But there are reported cases where it stabilizes.

What are the complications?

There are a lot of complications when you have a Peyronie’s disease. These consist of the inability to have intercourse, difficulty achieving an erection. Anxiety, stress on your relationship, and difficult fathering a child.


Are there treatments?

Despite the ambiguity of the cause, there are various treatments to choose from. Common solutions are a surgical operation and non-surgical procedures.

As a medical and wellness company, we provide a non-surgical Peyronie’s treatment available with Mesenchymal stem cell exosomes, amniotic fluid, and Platelet Rich Plasma therapy. Serving our valued clients for years now, we have helped men achieve a more satisfying sex life.

Compared to other male enhancement solutions, our PRP is clinically proven. It can help men with Peyronie’s disease to dissolve the fibrous scar tissue, straighten the penis, restore sexual functions, and bring back the fire in an intimate relationship.

Peyronie’s disease is very common. But don’t endure the discomfort for the rest of your life. It’s time to restore your manhood, provide your partner with the best experience, and achieve a fulfilling sex life. Schedule an appointment with us today! We’re always glad to serve you from start to finish.


Statistics indicate that men are more likely to suffer from hair loss at some point in time. Even though it is common, it’s still disheartening for men. Losing hair can pull down your confidence and lead to different emotions, causing anxiety.


What’s alarming is that some choose to hide their hair loss for a long time before they look for a solution. But it shouldn’t be a reason to ruin your life. Hair loss PRP is a quick procedure, bringing back your full and healthy hair.


While both genders experience hair loss, it is more noticeable in men. It’s the result of hormones. Since it’s raging in puberty, men in their teenage years and early twenties are at a higher risk.


During this stage, testosterone comes in a higher quantity. Although there’s no male-pattern baldness gene, a boost in the hormone can result in the shrinkage of the hair follicles.

What is hair loss PRP?

Many people know we only specialize in P-Shot. But we have the expertise in hair loss PRP. Known as platelet-rich plasma, PRP is obtained from a patient’s blood. When extracting blood components such as platelets and minerals, we use a special and innovative technology. Also, our staff are skilled in handling the process from start to finish.


What are the benefits?

• Naturally stimulates hair growth. When men suffer from extreme hair loss, they think of synthetic solutions. PRP, on the contrary, can stimulate hair growth naturally. While the treatment can be risky, our medical team is certified and seasoned.

• Increases hair density, fullness or volume. Thick and shiny hair can be a confidence booster. But everything will be different when your hair starts to lose, and our PRP services are worth the investment. Not only can it enhance your hair density, but it can also improve its fullness or volume.

• Improves quality and strong hair. Shampoo, conditioners, and other brands are packed with synthetic materials, which can cause balding among men. Our PRP has been developed to restore that lustre and thickness of your hair.

• Reduces the risk of hair loss. Losing hair can be a simple problem for some. But it can be a difficult health issue that requires immediate treatment. Our PRP is performed by a team of committed professionals.

• Maximum patient satisfaction. There are many companies that provide PRP. But we stand out from our competition. We consider our clients’ requirements throughout the operation.

• The only non-pharmaceutical and non-surgical treatment that proves its efficacy.

How is the procedure performed?

Before we perform PRP, we obtain a sample of blood from a client. We put them into a canister that separates it into multiple layers. We use the blood that’s rich with platelets. Then, we inject the solution into the scalp. That’s it! Throughout the operation, we bear our clients’ safety in mind.


How long is the procedure?

PRP can be tricky, and it takes time to finish. Usually, the procedure needs at least three sessions to complete.

With us, everything will be different. First, we shorten the period of service. Second, we are equipped with certified professionals. Third, we use up-to-date technology for every operation. Last but not least, we have attention details. We never take shortcuts no matter how complicated your condition. All of these things result in a fun and hassle-free customer service.


How long is the recovery?

One of the main concerns of our clients is a long recovery period. It depends upon the situation. When patients suffer from swelling, rashes, or allergic reactions, the recovery will take a month or two.


Male enhancement surgery is the leading solution that men choose to treat erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation. While it can be effective to address ED issues, it has downsides everyone should know.


The surgical operation can relatively impact pleasure during penetration. Recent studies show that it can worsen erectile dysfunction. Patients also suffer from extreme pain during surgery and recovery. They also have risks of acquiring pneumonia and heart complications.


More than that, the expense of the operation can cause a dent in your savings account. Most male enhancement surgeries nowadays are expensive. What’s inconvenient is that patients are required to abstain from intercourse for months.


Now there’s a new alternative to improve sexual performance. Known as Priapus Shot, P-Shot is drug- and surgery-free. Over the years of availability, it has helped men who suffer from the poor sexual performance.

What is P-Shot?

Priapus Shot is a treatment developed to solve sexual problems, including erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation. Unlike the other male enhancement solutions, it is a non-surgical procedure which utilises male growth factors to naturally activate penis rejuvenation.

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is typically used to increase blood flow and stimulate the growth of new tissues. Aside from achieving a firm erection, orgasm will happen at the right time.


What are the benefits?

• Improve sexual health. Over the years, myths about erectile dysfunction and male enhancement surgery have circulated throughout the industry. But the truth is that implant surgery is not that helpful.

P-Shot, on the other hand, is far different. For decades, it has been shown to treat ED. Plus, it may be covered by an insurance provider.

• It is painless. Getting a shot to the penis may be scary. As a reputable medical and wellness company, we provide local anaesthetic to the genital before giving a shot.

Since the shot involves pulling plasma from the arm, you might experience discomfort. Getting a shot is no exception. But our procedure won’t hurt.

Some side effects can consist of bruising in the injection area and painful erection. But it will fade after some time.

• Shape the penis into your desired size. Penis size or girth is not that important. What matters the most is your performance in bed.

But men believe size is imperative and our P-Shot can come into play. Not only can it shape the genital to your preferred size, but it can also achieve that girth without hassles.

What are the types of P-Shot?

There’s a variety of P-Shots. With us, we specialize in three categories such as:

• P-Shot with PRP

Stands for Platelet Rich Plasma, PRP belongs under autologous regenerative treatments. It comes from a patient’s own blood to repair tissue and stimulate cellular regeneration. As one of the cells in the blood, platelets can release proteins and other growth factors.

As with other seasoned companies out there, our P-Shot with PRP can guarantee a firmer erection, increased penile length, improved penile sensitivity, and better blood flow.

• P-Shot with Amniotic Fluid

Aside from PRP, we also specialize in P-Shot with amniotic fluid in which it’s consensually obtained during a C-section delivery. It is quickly frozen and handled with care for storage.

While amniotic fluid contains stem cells, the latter is not a viable after cryopreservation. This means it does not have Mesenchymal stem cell exosomes. However, the growth factors still survive during the process, which can be useful in regenerative and orthopaedic medicine.

P-Shot with PRP utilizes a patient’s own blood plasma. The platelets are a reservoir of different growth factors that result in tissue regeneration and increased healing response.

Amniotic fluid, on the other hand, is also a powerful source of growth factors that play a crucial role in fetal growth. It is also more difficult to obtain compared to your own plasma.

As with PRP, P-Shot with amniotic fluid can be applied anywhere since the growth factors are flexible. After a session, patients can achieve a big erection. Premature ejaculation will also be alleviated. Other health benefits can include improved degenerative joint conditions, facial rejuvenation, wound healing, plantar fasciitis, and more.

• P-Shot with Mesenchymal stem cell exosomes

P-Show with Mesenchymal stem cell exosomes has also been gaining in popularity, and various medical companies offer the same services. Unlike the competition, our procedure is designed for men who experience poor sexual performance. It is reliable with minimal side effects.

Our P-Shot minimizes the risks of allergic reactions because we use the patient’s own stem cell. It is effective, long-lasting, fast and natural.

Similar to P-Shot with PRP and amniotic fluid, this treatment can increase penis size, sexual pleasure, erection capacity, and penile stiffness. It can even improve sexual abilities and reduce premature ejaculation over time.

How is the procedure performed?

P-Shot is not as complicated as other male enhancement surgeries. As a non-surgical procedure, it is quick and simple with minimal pain. We begin with numbing the penis and a fast blood draw. After that, we use platelet-rich plasma, amniotic fluid, and Mesenchymal stem cell exosomes.

We extract these growth hormones ahead of time. We also use state-of-the-art technology that gets the process done with optimal safety. Then, we inject it into the shaft. Unlike a surgical operation, our treatment doesn’t have any downtime. While the results are immediate, you can resume your day without interruptions.


How long is the procedure?

P-Shot is very effective. After a single session, you can feel and see a huge difference with your sexual life. When it comes to the recovery period, it’s not that long. You can even resume sexual activity about 4 hours after the operation.

Since injection, visible side effects include minor bleeding and bruising. Don’t worry because they are not that severe.


Who do we recommend it?

Our P-Shot is developed for men who struggle achieving a stronger and firmer erection. It is also ideal for individuals who want to increase their penile length or girth.

Usually, men who experience erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation are embarrassed to open up. They just endure the discomfort although there are quality solutions to grab.

All of our clients’ details are treated confidentially. We never disclose any personal information to protect our valued patients.